Woman Crush Wednesday: Victoria Vesce

By: Alexandra Dorr

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday goes to Victoria Vesce

Growing up on a Buffalo farm in Eastern NC, Victoria Vesce has quickly made a name for herself at only 29 years old. A woman of many trades, Victoria is a model, former NBA dancer for the Charlotte Hornets, and Charleston Law School Graduate. Victoria currently works as a full-time attorney while pursuing modeling and social media ventures as well. 

This past year, Victoria was featured in both Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Fox News, and received the Wonder Woman Initiative honor at this year’s Miami Swim Week. Even with such an accomplished career, Victoria has still faced challenges along the way. “Trying to push through the grain of not being super skinny, and the harsh critiques the modeling industry has on young women,” are just a few, says Victoria.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle she overcame, as reported by Fox News, was being “diagnosed with multiple paragangliomas, a brain-skull tumor and a carotid body tumor that required surgery and pinpoint radiation treatment,” (Nolasco). Even during this difficult time in her life, Victoria volunteered in other studies to help fellow patients conquer their tumors as well. Today, Victoria is an advocate on social media for the National Brain Tumor Society and has raised over $10,000 for the organization. 

The thought of creating a legacy for herself and making her mom proud is what keeps Victoria motivated. “My mom was and is always my greatest inspiration. When I think that I have nothing left to give, I remember my mom and all she did for me and her love,” says Victoria. The embodiment of a tenacious woman, Victoria Vesce is an exemplary role model to young women– reminding us that we have the strength to fight against the hardships we encounter. 

Mamie Ruth had the pleasure of meeting Victoria at both the High Tide Festival and at Miami Swim Week when she modeled for our Swim and Resort collection. Victoria is currently working on a variety of business ventures from social media consulting to influencer-based events and productions and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

Check below to see Victoria in Mamie Ruth on the Flying Solo runway and click this link to check out the rest of our pieces!


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