Frequently Asked Questions!

How much will a hat cost me?

- We require a booking fee of $40 on weekdays and $48 on weekends that will cover any and all trims and decorations. Once you're in the store, you will choose your hat! Hat prices range between $48-$78. This means your entirely custom hat will average at the $100-$120!

Is there an age restriction for this experience?

This is an experience for ages 16+ due to the materials and hot tools. 
However, we can accommodate kids parties for the private experience! Please call or email us to book for children under 16 so we can insure we have youth hats and the proper set up for you and your children! 

Will I have to share the space with another group?

- Our studio can hold up to 10 people, and we do allow multiple parties to book for the same time. If you would like to have a private party, reach out to us directly at 

This is a DIY hat bar but will someone be there to help?

- For parties of 4 or more, there will be a guide to help you and your party throughout the experience. With the wide array of options for customization and free range of all tools, the best part is crafting it yourself! Prepare to be amazed by your creativity!
If you would like a guide for a smaller group, please call us at  ‪(912) 712-1962 to book!

There is a waiver included on the booking. What is the reason?

- To  make the custom experience as immersive as possible, we want to offer all of the tools we would use to make our signature hats. That said, there are hot tools such as wood burners, glue guns and torches at use in the studio. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe in our creative space, so if you are uncomfortable with using any of these tools, please let your guide know in advance. 

I can't make it to my booking. How do cancellations work?

- We offer a full refund up to week in advance. If there is an emergency, reach out to us at

How long will this take?

- Groups typically take between and hour and half to two hours to complete their custom hats!
If you have any remaining questions, don't hesitate to reach out!
Or call us!
 ‪(912) 712-1962

You can book your experience here!