Bonnaroo 2022: FINALLY Back Together Again 🌈🦋

Imagine you’re going camping, except rather than hiking and making ‘smores, you’re listening to live music until dawn and wearing glittery outfits all day, everyday. 

This is the life I got to live for 7 days in the heart of Tennessee. 

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is a place where people gather because they really just want to be there. We are fortunate enough to be able to experience Bonnaroo from an inside perspective as vendors, popping up a perfectly colorful and curated Mamie Ruth mini shop right where all the fun takes place. Our team rolls up to the festival two days early to set up the booth, the campsites and to get familiar with the farm (all 650 acres of it.) We perfect the booth over several hot and sunny hours and after some love, labor and a little bit of glitter, it’s ready to party with the festival goers all week long. 

Photo By @erickadesouza

Once the booth is ready to roll. We have to get our sleeping quarters in order. Our campsite was perfect for what we needed it to be. While not nearly as glamorous as the Mamie booth itself, our setup served its purpose. The only negative to this beautiful campsite, was the fact that it was a mile from Centeroo, the location of the Mamie booth and any kind of food. However, you don’t go to Bonnaroo to hang out at your campsite, so the many miles walked to and from were simply just an added workout and something I would personally do everyday forever if it meant I got to be on the farm again. 

After our morning warmup walk to Centeroo, we got dolled up in the best Mamie festival outfits and prepared for a shift. Working in the booth was a combination of dancing to the music from afar, chatting it up with festival babes and selling someone their new favorite outfit. When not working in the booth, we got to frolic around the festival, take pictures, promote the brand and of course, catch a show here and there. The magic of Bonnaroo exists in every person there, from the staff to the patrons, and we most definitely felt it. 

Photo By @erickadesouza

On night three, we took a ride on the ferris wheel at sunset and could see the thousands of campsites set up all across the farm. The moment was so surreal, realizing that 40,000 people are sleeping in a tent all in the name of live music and high vibes. It was at that moment when I really understood why we do what we do with Mamie Ruth.

Photo By @erickadesouza

We make clothes that encourage people to be their most authentic and unapologetic self. At festivals, when you’re in a crowd, listening to the music you love, you can feel truly free and just take in the sounds of people cheering, singing along and becoming fully engulfed in the moment around you. We take that feeling and turn it into clothing that makes you feel good when you wear it. The colorful, sparkly and vibrant clothing Mamie Ruth sells at festivals and in real life are meant to emulate that feeling every time you wear it. 

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Written by Olivia Lake for Mamie Ruth