Not long after the last song finished and the dust (literal dust) settled from Bonnaroo. The Mamie crew packed up our caravan, the U haul, and headed on a 12 hour journey to Firefly Fest in Dover, DE.

This was everyone’s first time at this festival so expectations were high. Upon arrival we realized we were in for a great weekend when we discovered our booth was right across from the main stage. This meant that weather we were working or just chilling- we could literally see and hear every headliner- pretty cool if you ask me.

Going to back to back festivals and camping for two weeks might seem like a dream come true.... or a literal nightmare for the others. If I'm being honest, at the beginning I was leaning more towards nightmare but I was determined to make the most of Firefly and this experience. 

Let's recap:

When Day 1 was in full swing we forgot all about the exhaustion due to Festivals amazing ability to breathe life into you, and the amazing energy that the people at Firefly brought. Just to add to the energy and excitement I was feeling from this festival one of my favorite bands, The arctic monkeys was the headliner. I got to take in the whole show from the Mamie booth with the whole Mamie booth, and little angst 16 year old me definitely cried a little bit.

The weekend only went up from there with Day 2 bringing a stacked lineup running from Lil Wayne to The Killers. One person even pointed out how “I have the coolest job ever because I get to work while listening to Lil Wayne perform a few yards away from me.” However great the other performances were, The Killers killed the whole night, and I’ve never experienced a concert filled with more energy or fun.

Sunday came around and Day 3 brought the heat both figuratively and literally. This day brought some fire performances from both Kendrick Lamar and SZA (who is probably my most recommended person to see perform) but it was also by far the hottest day. Not to mention this was now DAY 10 (yes I said 10 people) of camping for us. 

Before this experience with Mamie Ruth, I wasn't sure how I would do in the environment and for that long but now I can say I’ve never thrived more. This is simply because of the good vibes and good people that I experienced along the way. While I’ve always thought the phrase “good vibes” is overused it truly applies to festival life.

One of the highlights of festivals and Firefly specifically was being able to connect with people from around the country that you might never otherwise meet, and you get to hear their own personal journey as well as share yours. Oh- and having a booth with basically a front row ticket to a lineup filled with your favorite artists isn’t half bad either.

#MamieIntern Anne Pollock