Having never been exposed to the festival life, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was somewhat nervous because I have also never really been camping either.

As a word to the wise do not bring 6 pairs of shoes just be sure to bring rain boots – the dust will go flying and you will end up ruining that cute pair converse you thought would be super cute when they get all muddy and dusty.

But back to the trip, both Bonnaroo and Firefly were amazing experiences and gave me the chance to meet a lot of new people. Even going to a set alone allows you to make new friends while singing along as your favorite artist performs.

Like while I was watching Paramore perform at Bonnaroo, my female neighbor in the pit turned to me, gave me a thumbs up as we both channeled our inner middle school selves and just rocked the hell out. We started chatting after and become good friends. We even have plans to meet up next year at Bonnaroo -- and to think, I would have never met her unless I had gone to the show alone.

After Bonnaroo was over, we started trucking along North to Dover, Delaware for Firefly -- 12 hours long. Yes, I said 12 and a long 12 hour ride it was. Luckily, it was full of sharing stories and plenty of podcasts -- It's safe to say all the summer interns now know each other like an open book and brought us a lot closer together!

When arriving at Firefly, initially I was shocked that I could actually sleep in past 7 AM in my tent. Unlike Bonnaroo, it was not sweltering hot in Delaware and there was even a pretty nice breeze blowing.

Firefly was filled with fried cookie dough bites while watching The Killers performance right from our Mamie Ruth booth. Not only The Killers, but every single set on the main stage. WHAT? How did we get so lucky? Who knows and who cares -- it was amazing. If I was too tired to go to set then I could lay in bed and listen to artists preform like I was in the front row.

I guess you could now say I have the festival blues and I definitely wouldn’t change the experience (or this nice tan) for the world. You seriously will not leave either festivals without a smile on your face and bad moods aren't a thing there so it's a guaranteed good time.
















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