My Sweet Savannah Summer

Going into my summer internship at Mamie Ruth, I was expecting to learn about the ever-changing industry of retail. During the past few months, I have gained hands on experience with everything from setting up a vendor tent (or three) to how to design and print a graphic tee to social media marketing to processing data analytics-- and the applicable experience gained certainly does not stop there. (I will seriously be spending a week updating my LinkedIn.) However, what I was not expecting was to be loved on and inspired by a group of gals who I had previously not known but now don’t want to attend a music festival without. ;) Individually, we are all so different- coming from different schools and states, majors, possessing different personality types and astrology signs, different life experiences. Yet, together we’re a recipe for ingenuity and, of course, a good time. Not sure how our Boss Babe, Emily, got this lucky TBH. 

For those of you who weren’t so #blessed to spend a summer in Savannah with these girls, here’s a little insight as to what each of them brought to our creative table and my heart (cheesy, I know) : 

Autumn: Autumn is our Savannah guide- knowing all the best spots for brunch or a night out. (Congress Street, duh!) She is trendy, teaching me the power look that is a white tee, jean shorts, sneakers, AND a denim jacket, and for that I am forever grateful. She is also our social media guru and officially a certified Bonnaroo Queen. Being a recent graduate, Autumn is now embarking on her journey of finding a career and I cannot wait to see where this industry takes her. (Hopefully somewhere with a festival so that she can be our host for our next Mamie Reunion!)

Bethany: Bethany is unapologetically herself- a spunky, Florence-obsessed, icon in a Gunne Sax dress. She has more talent between her and a sewing machine than I have in my whole body. (Pictures of her Vintage Rework collection coming soon...hehe) I cannot wait to one day be sitting front row for her designer show at NYFW. 

Liz: I love Liz’s graphic design work almost as much as she loves red wine and her dog, Penny Lane. Liz is always, always Miss Positivity, no matter the situation. She has been the voice that pushed us through the end of a hard day at both the office and Firefly Fest. Thank you for motivating me to always BEE better, gal. (Oh and, roll vols!)

Shelbi: Shelbi is our Mamie Mama. She seamlessly plotted out and guided us through our summer of success. This was her second year with Mamie, so she’s kinda, like, really smart. She’s humorous, genuine, and never afraid to tell ya when to, kindly, ‘shut-upppp’. Shelbi is one of the most hard working gals I know- keep grindin’ sis.

And last but not least...the woman herself

Emily: Emily is my tequila lovin’, fellow Saddlebags cowgirl- and the ultimate boss babe. She’s kind of like the Wizard of Oz, being the woman behind it all- designer, owner, and continuous entrepreneur. Emily has showed us the importance of hard work, dedication, and sticking true to who you are, even in the face of adversity. Emily’s commitment to her craft is unmatched. Additionally, she has been our outlet to vent to emotionally and creatively, has pushed us when needed while still leaving us our space to grow, and she has, and will continue to, serve as a role model. 

In summary, I had a badass summer.