The Selfie Chronicles: Savannah

The Best Selfie Spots You’ll Find in Savannah

When we aren’t on the road traveling to festivals, you can catch us hanging around our home base of Savannah, Georgia. If you come to visit, there are countless locations to take rad selfies at. These places will make your social media stand out and upgrade your selfie game (WARNING: Your friends will be jealous.) We’re going to let you in on our secret spots and favorite murals around our city! (Pssst- the links to our dope fits are included too!)

1. Welcome to Savannah

This mural is located on the side of a retro hotel called The Thunderbird Inn, and only .4 miles from our store! Of course we have to start out with this mural, which gives off some major 1950’s postcard vibes with it’s bright colors and images. The artist, Kipper Millsap, was inspired by Historic Downtown Savannah for the paintings within each letter. There’s a parking lot at the hotel, which allows for you to park then walk around to the side of the building for your photoshoot! 

COP OUR LOOK: Autumn styled our Dibs on the Drummer graphic tee with the All Seeing Eye shorts.  

2. SCAD’s Montgomery Hall

Go check out this sixty-six foot tall, abstract wall at 50th Street and Montgomery. Created by Matt Hebermehl, this wall has been around since 2013. The colors here are fun and vibrant, which is why we love it so much! You’ll stand out against this background and all eyes will be on your photos. Can’t forget to mention that there is parking right around the corner too!

COP OUR LOOK: Liz modeled the Easy Tiger yellow graphic with the Orange you Glad shorts.

3. SAFE Mural

This mural is a little hidden, but totally worth finding. The location is 2217 Bull Street, and it was created by Tommy May & Brian Chegini back when this building was an art gallery in 2016. The funky patterns and contrast of red & blue gives you a lot to work with here! Our look was planned to be just black and white so it would stand out against the colors, but of course we couldn’t resist adding a red bandana and a hat! 

COP OUR LOOK: You can shop our I bang the keys graphic here, and the black tribal set here.

4.  Revolution Yoga Studio

This Yoga studio has more to offer than just yoga, and it isn’t more than 3 minutes away from the Montgomery Hall mural! On the side of this building is a painted bird, which was created by a local artist named Jose Ray. Get interesting and mix it up with your angles here, because there's a bike rack right by the mural. Bethany modeled like a pro and posed by sitting on it!

COP OUR LOOK: Bethany wore the “strangers” graphic, which is currently unreleased, paired with the Western Print shorts. A similar graphic can be found here.

5. The Corner of 41st and Bull St

This is a smaller mural, but we love the different patterns & color scheme going on here! It’s also a two-in-one since one building over is the Georgia Bees mural! I’d hit this mural early in the day for the best lighting, and before the sun blinds you in the late afternoon. 

COP OUR LOOK: Scout modeled the Take a Trip graphic tee and Western Print shorts because the contrast it has against the cool-toned wall is killer!

6. Bee Mural

Posing by the Georgia Bees Mural, on Whitaker and 41st, you have to bring out that angle creativity since the artwork is so high up on the building. Already being so close to the cool-toned abstract mural, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a shot and play with the camera angles at this location too! Save the bees, am I right? This mural was created by Mary Lacy in 2017, so it hasn’t been around as long as some of these other ones either! 

COP OUR LOOK: Liz is our save the bees queen, so she posed in front of this mural and modeled the same outfit as shown by Montgomery Hall.

7. The Blue Door

This little restaurant has a super cool mural of blue wings on the side of the building! There is a parking lot on the property, so it’s super easy to drive here for your photos. Seriously, who doesn’t love a fun wing mural?!

COP OUR STYLE: Bethany is wearing the Vanman Tee with the Yellow Bandana Shorts

8. Mushrooms and Dots

Now this isn’t a mural like the other posts, but bare with me because it’s still a dope photo-op. This location has different backgrounds and angles to work with, and I feel like we hardly scratched the surface!

COP OUR STYLE: Autumn modeled sitting in from of the awesome polka-dot door, wearing the Woodstock Ticket Tee & Western Print Skort. Liz and Claire posted up against the fence with the ceramic mushrooms, red fence, and blue stripe on the wall really setting the scene. On the left, Liz rocks the Have A Nice Jay trucker hat, No Rush Bus tee, and All Seeing Eye shorts. On the right, Claire styled the Nice Bass shirt with shorts from the Patchwork Boho Set.

9. Faux Rainbow Row

Ok so I know this one isn’t a mural either, but check out these colors! Savannah is FULL of beautiful walls and parks, but if you want to find it all at once then you need to head on over to 508 E Bryan Street! The pink, blue, and green pastels are so pretty and give you the chance to really stand-out against them! There is pay-to-park along the street, but if you’re just planning to stop by for you photoshoot I’d recommend keeping an eye on your car and saving those dollars to spend on something else! ;)

We love exploring our sweet Savannah to find the next best photo-ops. Let us know if you’ve visited these before and tell us if you have any different favs!


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