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From the rodeo to the shore, our Coastal Cowgirls have sand in their boots and salt in their hair. Seas The Day like the babe you are in our ocean inspired prints and graphics handmade and designed in Savannah, GA. An ode to the East Coast, we ventured out to shoot the collection on the historical streets of Tybee Island, filled with beachy charm dating back to 1736. Tybee Island represents a kind of East Coast Cool that marries the bright and groovy with the western and moody. A popular vacation destination, this sunny spot allows people to escape the city life in Savannah and kick off their boots under the sun.

"To be a Coastal Cowgirl is to be effortless, stylish, bold, and versatile. Growing up in New York State I’ve been exposed to versatile music, traditions, and stories. Living on the East Coast encourages you to find your own authentic expression. Everyone around you is from a different background and culture. Meeting people throughout my life has opened me up to diverse perspectives, styles, fashion, and creative dialogue." - Jenny Adler

The collection is inclusive to all while also encouraging you to shine your own light. Everyone has a coolness within them, it just has to be activated by confidence. Mamie Ruth empowers everyone to embrace their crazy, bold and lively self. We create vibrant clothes to highlight your own inner coastal cowgirl.