a tale of St. Patty's day #MamieMonday

Saint Patrick’s Day is a celebration of everything we love most: feasting on green eggs, over indulging on green beer, bag pipes and a whole lot of Irish tradition… but have you ever wondered why?

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the Patron Saint of Ireland.  He was celebrated for bringing Catholicism to Ireland among many other things.  People celebrated by eating and drinking because feasting every day wasn’t an option in that time.  He was also celebrated because he drove all the snakes out of Ireland. But apparently it turns out, there were never snakes in the country to begin with.  Ole' Saint Patrick was a trickster..... In blesséd honor of Crazy P (*hand on heart*).

Also,  our beloved Irish man wasn't originally Irish... Maewyn Succat was a pirate slave before he was released in Ireland and then he changed his name to Patrick.  Which means “father figure.” So basically St Patrick is the self- proclaimed Irish Daddy... things are starting to make more sense.  

Have you ever wondered why you are digging through your closet to find the only green shirt you own? One reason is because during the Irish Rebellion the Irish uniforms were green.  But Irish legend has it that if you're wearing the color green, the Irish, fairy-like creatures called leprechauns won't be able to see you. And if they can't see you, they can't pinch you.  

Really, Americans have Boston to thank for making St Patrick’s Day the crazy, green drunkfest we know it as today.  Happy St. Patricks Day!  Cheers!