Women Crush Wednesday: Bre Kennedy

By: Alexandra Dorr

This week’s spotlight goes to Bre Kennedy, a Nashville based singer/songwriter who was originally born in SLC, UT. “My journey to now has been a wild one,” said Bre. Independent from the start, Bre began working at Starbucks at 15 years old to support herself. “I would open the shop at 5am with a Pandora mix that had Brandi Carlile's stunning voice coming through, and I knew I wanted to learn how to sing my stories in that way,” said Bre. At 17 years old, Bre found herself living in Los Angeles, working part time jobs to pay rent while she wrote songs and found a publishing deal. However, Bre didn’t truly find her start as a songwriter until she relocated to Nashville in 2015. “I knew it was home instantly and began creating amongst the community I love to work with so much now,” said Bre. 

In Nashville, she worked as a server during the day and performed at night, playing at any venue that would have her and her friends. However, in 2019, Bre self released her first EP “Jealous Of Birds” and it “opened so many doors for me as an artist,” said Bre. Following this release, Bre began touring and opening for artists she loved and respected. She self released a second EP called “Twenty Something” on the same day she sold out her first headlining show in Nashville. After her years of dedication, Bre released her first debut album “Note To Self,” and was later signed by her current label, Nettwerk. 

When asked about her high and low points as an artist, Bre said “in this industry there are a ton of them and it's taught me to appreciate the highs when they come and see them as a cherry on top, and to have grace for and learn from the lows.” Some of Bre’s favorite memories include opening for Sheryl Crow, getting to sing for Clive Davis, traveling the U.S, and having Camilla Cabello share her song “Twenty Something.” 

Currently, Bre is writing and creating her next album for 2023 and will be releasing singles both this Summer and Fall. Bre will be performing at Americana Fest in Nashville as well as opening for Rag N Bone man on his U.S. tour September 23rd through October 16th. Mamie Ruth had the privilege of meeting Bre and her upbeat spirit at the Bonnaroo festival. Bre is the epitome of an inspirational and persevering woman; beautiful on both the outside and inside. 

We love you Bre! 

P.S. check below to see Bre’s photoshoot with Tabitha Brooke in our Festival Neon Set <3