We travel to Bonnaroo in a variety of ways. We pack our cars full with friends all in search of the most pure art form on this earth. We wind down highways blasting classics. The Joplins. The Hendrix's. The Cockers. We run in search of the farm. In June your road trip and hours of traffic, before getting to the farm require more than patience. But the feeling you get once you pass through the rainbow arch, you soon realize you would wait a lifetime for the experience. It's a place some call home. A place were everyone is accepted, and love is grown. Here you are free to be true to yourself and of course, give a lot of high fives. Someone once said " We all need a place we can go, and feel over the rainbow".

With Bonnaroo just in three weeks, Mamie babes are ready to be home listening to some of the best music the industry has to offer. Not only with our Bonnaroo family, but with some of our closest gal pals. Bonnaroo offers a range of classic rock, reggae, pop, EDM, Indie, and so much more!

Natasha  or "Tash" Sulanta is a Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, that some describe as a "one-woman band". Her 2016 single "Jungle" was ranked third in the Triple J Hottest 100 in 2016. Sulanta last performed at Coachella in California, where some say her set was memorable and a dream to watch. She is so much more than just a singer- songwriter, she is someone who truly appreciates the gift of music. Which you can clearly see when she performs live. 

 Thanks to Spotify, each year a playlist is released, featuring artists that will perform at Bonnaroo's Music and Arts Festival. As we get closer to leaving for the farm Mamie babes are busy making sure we check out all the artists that Bonnaroo 18' has to offer. So here is to new memories, new adventures, new friendships, and great music. We can't get back to the farm soon enough.