DIY With Mamie

This week at the studio we've been busy gearing up for Spring! But the cold weather hasn't quite left us yet, so we thought we'd share this cute and easy DIY that we put together for Atlanta Apparel Mart which we will be attending in a few weeks. These easy to make microwaveable handwarmers make great gifts for family or friends that could use a little warmth to get them through the winter months ( they even make a cute paperweight for your desk!) And they double as cold packs in the summer months - when it's hot just pop them in the freezer instead of the microwave!
-Sewing Machine (or thread and needle)
-Essential Oil (optional)
Using some extra fabric, we sewed together three sides, leaving a side open for the rice filler 
Fill your beanbag with rice, but leave some space so that it's not too packed in and still feels soft, like a beanbag. You can also add a drop or two of essential oil, like Lavender or Chamomile, for a relaxing scent.
You can put pins in the open side of the handwarmer until its time to sew them up!
We created some tags to add to our handwarmers, with heating instructions on the back.
And of course we added a final Mamie Ruth touch, using natural jute and feathers to complete the packaging! Use our technique, or package your handwarmers however you like!
Heat in microwave for approx 45 seconds - 1 min (depending on your microwave), and warm those puppies up!!!!!