What Is It Like To Be The Off-Site Social Media Team?

The Mamie Roo Crew is heading back to home base in Savannah after a great week at Bonnaroo.  Anna and I, two of the summer interns, stayed behind to make up the off-site social media team.

It was a pretty quiet week, very opposite of the usual vibes in the office, but we were able to be very involved despite being states away! First priority was making a schedule for the crew to follow so they knew what content had to be filmed and when. Anna made a very detailed schedule with platforms and descriptions all mapped out, and I drew out a mini calendar complete with color-coding so everyone knew what was on their plate for the day. Emmie, our social media expert, worked with us all week to make sure we posted the best content. It’s so interesting to learn how much analysis goes into timing posts, deciding what platform to post certain content on, etc. 

Once we got the schedule out to the team, it was time to let them do their thing and get all the good content! Anna and I were able to shoot some content here in Savannah showcasing a couple of products that were available at Bonnaroo. A lot of being the off-site social media crew was just finding ways to support the staff at the festival and here at the stores while waiting for content to come through. So in between reviewing uploads, we ran errands and offered help where it was needed. Emmie was definitely the lead of the team and guided us in how to edit, caption and post. 

We also tried out Instagram Broadcast for the first time! Anna took the reins for the channel and was on top of posting exclusive content for subscribers. Some of the week required work after hours, but it was worth it to get the perfect timing and the most engagement possible.

Holding down the fort here at HQ meant that the on-site crew could work the booth and have fun while the social media stayed updated and active. It was a great learning experience for us and we were glad to help and contribute to the content despite not being at the festival!