Upscale Your Room on a Budget: The Boho Way

Redecorating can be stressful and expensive, but it's so easy and fun to make cute and trendy decor out of items you can find around your home! I'm going to help you have the cutest boho bedroom you've ever dreamed of having without spending more than $25!

What you'll need:

Paper towels
Round hoop
Pom Pom trim
Hot glue gun
Popsicle sticks
Your favorite color paints
White Christmas lights

So we will start out with a paper mache bullhead skull. You can hang this over your bed or even next to your dresser and use the horns as bracelet holders!

Step 1: form 3 balls out of newspaper to form the head. You'll want the biggest ball in the middle, the smallest at the bottom, and another big one for the top. (See picture for shape reference). You can make it as big as
you want or as small as you want.

Step 2: tape these 3 balls together to form the shape of the head

Step 3: create a paper mache mix with flour and water. I use 1/4 flour and 3/4 water and add it to a pot and let it come to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, carefully dip paper towel scraps into the mixture and apply to the head.
Continue to do this until all newspaper is covered.

Step 4: create horns by rolling newspaper together, and tape them to the head. Once this is done, add more paper mache to cover the horns.

Step 5: allow to dry for up to 48 hours, paint, decorate, and hang!

Next, you can start making yarn hangings. These are really simple and you can make as many as you want to hang around your room!
All you need is driftwood, yarn, and a hook.

Step 1: tie yarn to driftwood
Step 2: hot glue yarn to each end of the driftwood to form
a triangle that can hang off of the hook

See, super easy! Feel free to add feathers and any other decorations you'd like!

Now we're going to add some fun to your curtains. Pick your favorite color Pom Pom trim from Walmart or Hobby Lobby and hot glue it to the edge of your curtains!

These adorable hexagon shelves can display your favorite pictures of you and your friends, or your cute succulents! You'll need popsicle sticks, lots of them, and your hot glue gun. You'll be gluing popsicle sticks together like the picture below. You can use a finishing coat or even paint them your fave colors!

You need a spot to hang your necklaces, right? Well, these driftwood jewelry displays are exactly what you need! You'll need driftwood, hooks, and yarn.

Step 1: screw several hooks into the driftwood
(these are what will be holding the necklaces)

Step 2: hot glue yarn to each end of the driftwood to form a triangle
(like the yarn hanging above)

Step 3: hang the display on a hook and you're done!

Finish off your room by hanging white Christmas lights all along the ceiling.

Hope you love your new room and had fun while revamping it! 

XO - Katelyn Reiver @katelynreiver