Bonnaroo Packing List

With Bonnaroo approaching, we are knee-deep in the preparation process. Just like you, fellow Bonnaroovian, we are ditching our AC and bathtubs for battery operated fans and solar showers. As ‘Bonnaroo Veterans’, we have compiled a list of the ultimate must-haves to survive a long weekend spent camping in Manchester, Tennessee. Feel free to print this baby off, tune into Mamie Baby Liz’s Bonnaroo playlist* linked below, and start loading up that VW van!

Check out our Bonnaroo Playlist Here

But first, before you leave the comfort of your home ensure you have…

  • Wristband (Duh!)
  • Money source (U.S dollars will suffice, but we recommend signing up with Bonnaroo Cashless. According to Bonnaroo, the first 15,000 people to do so via their PayPayl account will receive a $5 credit--- which you can use at our Tent because we are accepting Cashless this year!)
  • Full Tank of Gas (!!! Always !!!)
  • Positive Attitude :-)
  • A wagon… you’ll wish you listened to us as you tote 25 lbs of ice a mile back to your campsite at 3 am.
  • Goldbond… lots, and lots, of Goldbond.
  • Wet Wipes… the only negative that comes from these is seeing the color of the wet wipe post-use. (Pro-Tip: Wipes with alcohol tend to dry out the skin, we opt for baby/sensitive skin wipes so that we can keep our festi glow with no flaking!)
  • Watering Can… feel free to pay $7 to shower, but we prefer to spend our money where our mouth is… which is on Spicy Pie. ;)
  • Flashlight(s)... your phone will die, it’s inevitable, so do not rely on having phone light to guide you back. We recommend a headlamp that you can wrap around your ankle during the day to then break out at night. Which brings us to our next must-have...
  • Portable phone charger… after all, you can’t post pictures of you rockin’ your Mamie gear if your phone is dead! We recommend a solar charger.
  • E-Z Up Tent… placing your tent underneath an E-Z Up protects your tent from being completely exposed to that Tennessee sunshine. (After all, you are in a field with no shade in sight.)  
  • Shoes… multiple pairs. We recommend having a pair of flip flops, rain boots, and your go-to booties/sneakers. If you couldn’t walk ten miles in them- don’t bring them...But if you must bring your new leather heeled booties, the following is a must:
  • First Aid Kit… band aids, ointment, Advil, etc. This comes in handy for unknown 2am injuries and for when you do decide to wear those new leather booties.
  • Bug Spray… Tennessee in the summer- need we say more?

But wait, there’s more… B O N U S  H A C K S :

  • We recommend packing your daily ‘fits in Ziploc bags with a dryer sheet, this not only conceals space in your packed car, but is an efficient way to keep your clothes smelling freaky fresh!
  • Go ahead and download Liz’s Bonnaroo playlist on Spotify so that when you do lose service, you can still jam out at your campsite.  Check out our Bonnaroo Playlist Here
  • Dry ice, dry ice, dry ice.

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