Style Queen Alexis Kaiser #WCW

Happy hump day hippie chicks!

We are super stoked to introduce you to our #WCW, Alexis Kaiser! From Provo, Utah, she fills her Instagram with bohemian + whimsical photos of her amazing style and scenery that’ll make you want to road trip to the West coast! She also has her own blog called Alternative Indigo and it's filled with skincare rituals, road trips, and lifestyle inspo!  We just can’t get enough of this flower child!!  Check out our Q&A with Alexis below!


Q: Tell us a little about yourself

I'm Alexis Kaiser. I'm 23 years old and married my best friend Adam Kaiser in 2014. Alternative indigo started with simple outfit posts on my personal Instagram and turned into my Fashion and Lifestyle journal! We live in Provo, Utah and just bought our first home together! 

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Chewing. Chomping. Other people swallowing. Basically people eating. I legit get anxiety and want to hurt people because of the way they chew.... So mean :/ but it's real life!

 Q: Biggest passion?

Inspiring others + being artistic! 

Q: You could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

I'd love to travel to Greece, it seems like such a beautiful, quaint, colorful place. 

 Q: My worst habit is….

Biting my nails. Ugh.

Mac & Cheese ☾✰

 Q: My feel good motto is:

Glamour Kills. Stay Weird! 

 Q: The best advice I ever got was....

'I don't make promises I can't keep.' -Grandpa Strahm, ily.


Q: Your go to beauty tip/secret?

I don't wash my hair.... Like ever. Jk, only like once a month but still. 

 Q: What is your dream job?

Being an entrepreneur/self employed! I'm currently working my dream job :)

 Q: What is the last show you binge watched on Netflix?

HGTV Tiny Homes!

 Do your soul a favor and get inspired by this babe: @alexisjadekaiser  She rocks!! 

And don't forget to check out her bloggeroo