For Our Tiny Hippies

Greetings to my tiny hippies. Introducing to you our new children's line, Wishing on Weeds! You're probably wondering how we got our newest Wishing on Weeds models to strike a pose. Well a little bit of candy and good music pretty much brings out the happy in anyone. So with that being said, here are some tips to get the little dandelions to strike that candid pose like a true star.

Step 1:

This step is super easy. Sugar. This will be the one time you want these kiddos to get a sugar high so you can capture those joyous moments of running around and just being free. So pack some lollipops as they don't make much mess and let the sugar take care of the rest!

Photos by @ymke

Step 2:

Follow their lead. If you constantly tell them what to do they will eventually get restless. You're wanting to capture their true youthful personality so let them dance to the beat of their own drum. You're more likely to capture something even better than a planned pose this way.

Step 3:

Make them feel at home. Creating an environment where a kid feels like they can play and be themselves is going to give you much better photographs. So have fun with this step! Make it vibrant, find some stuffed animals or silly hats, throw around some crayons. Play some music and have a dance party! Get in the mind of a child. What was your favorite thing to do when you were young?


 Now you're ready to go and capture the precious moments
only tiny little hippies can give.
XOXO - Hannah Wardlaw