Bonnaroo 2023: Living The Dream!

Summer is almost over and we're spending a lot of time reminiscing on the amazing summer festival schedule we've had! While we gear up for our final two shows of the season, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on this year's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival and go through some of the most Mamie Ruth-esque moments we had. 
Bonnaroo is a magical place where we all can come together and slap the bag as a team. This year's team was especially close and dear to my heart. From past interns to new ones, childhood best friends and Bonnaroo buddies from years past, our crew this year was especially exceptional. 
We experienced weather delays (and full on weather evacuations), befriending artists & dressing them for stage, long days and even longer nights and most of all a bonding experience that is really unlike any other. 
This year, we also had a new element to the fun added to the roster: sponsorships. We had a couple of different sponsors this year, one of which being High Rise Seltzers. We had been loving their product for ages and were super excited for the opportunity to create some content on their behalf at Bonnaroo this year. (PS if you know of a brand looking for a fun loving group of gals to rep their product, you know who to call)
All in all, this year's show was a major success. To get the full behind the scenes look at our lives on the road, check out our Bonnaroo 2023 Vlog, out now on YouTube! I'll link it below for you to take a peek and laugh at our shenanigans and maybe be inspired to attend and visit us next year! 
With love! 
Liv @livluvlake