Say Hello to Mamie's newest Magic Maker!

 Meet our new intern Kathryn!

Hi everyone! My name is Kathryn Lim and I am one of three new Mamie Interns for Summer 2013. I just graduated from Georgia Southern University this past May and I could not be more thrilled about my internship position with Mamie Ruth. The idea of graduating and moving on into the real world is quite intimidating to most people my age. Lucky for me, I’ve gotten this amazing opportunity to work with Emily and her entire team! I’ve known about Mamie Ruth since I’ve been a student a GSU, seeing her line in local boutiques around Statesboro and reading her success stories online have definitely given me a lot of hope as an aspiring designer. When I finally got to interview for the position here, I knew immediately this was the place for me. Emily’s entire aesthetic is a complete reflection of my own, right down to her laid-back personality and style.

Mamie HQ is so perfect. Right in the heart of Downtown Savannah, close enough to walk everywhere, it’s an adorable apartment with so much character that is only a block away from my new place (This is beyond amazing to me!!). We started our internship with a few basics: things like tagging and pressing garments, sewing and seam ripping things, pulling items for shipments, and organization of the jewelry tools and pieces. In preparation for an upcoming event with Salt 2 Sand, Emily had us research different techniques of tie-dyeing and had us dye scrap fabric and a few garments. My hands and nails are still stained red from all of it, but the outcome was certainly worth it.

During our first full week, Emily had each of us doing similar things, but we were all a bit more concentrated on different aspects. I was in charge of editing some photos for our new online store and making some jewelry. I’ve been working on a few headpieces that I’m in love with and cannot wait to make more! There are so many fun things here to plunder through and use in our designs, it’s wonderful to know that Emily trusts us enough to give us such free reign over certain projects. This is a fun environment to be in every day, it makes the days go by quickly and nothing truly seems like work. I cannot wait to see where these next couple of months takes us! I’m looking forward to seeing the ins-and-outs of designing and seeing my own progression throughout the way. I couldn’t be happier to be where I am and learning from such a talented designer!

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