Say Hello to our new Intern Amanda!

Follow Amanda through her internship at Mamie HQ!

Hello all! I’m Amanda Cook, a graduate of Georgia Southern University, interning with Mamie Ruth over this summer in lovely, Savannah, GA. I majored in fashion design with a minor in marketing. I’m so excited to gain hands on experience and learn all the ins and outs of fashion while interning for Emily. I’ve only been at Mamie HQ for a week and I’ve found that there is no limit to the creativity here! We have already learned how to tie-dye (and how not to tie dye), the art of hemming stretchy materials--which would rather move than stay in place, how to make flower crowns and jewelry, repair damaged garments, take skirts in a size, and unexpectedly, how to find our way back from being lost downtown from just trying to get lunch before jumping right back into our work! But even getting lost isn’t bad since the city is beautiful and there is inspiration to be found everywhere you look! But for those rainy days or days we would rather stay close to our work, Jimmy Johns is just a call and a few minutes away! And yes, we take full advantage of their “freaky fast” delivery! I should probably mention that I say “work,” not because our tasks feel like work, but because it takes too long to say “exciting explosions of creativity” for each reference to the many varieties of jobs we get throughout the week. We also do a lot of research through Pinterest, Instagram, and various blogs and fashion websites. I definitely get lost in my work because it feels like fun rather than a job. By the time I look back up from the thousands of inspirational pictures I’ve been researching, 3, 4, even 5 hours have past and I feel like the day has just begun!! I know this is just the tip of the iceberg so I’m excited to find out and experience all that is to come over this summer here at Mamie Head Quarters!
If you want the inside scoop and behind the scenes look at what goes on here in at Mamie HQ, and pictures of my lunchtime adventures downtown, follow me on Instagram @amacatherook