Meet Our New Intern Lilly Katie!

Meet our new intern Lilly Katie!!

What's it like at Mamie HQ? Let Lilly give you the scoop.

Hey! I’m Katie, one of Mamie Ruth’s newest additions! I’m super excited about the next few months here in beautiful downtown Savannah! I got to meet the other 2 girls [Kat & Amanda] and we already work so well together! [ I think it’s because we all share “Catherine” or some variation of the spelling, as a name. ] We have done so much this week it seems, but none of it felt like actual work to me. For 2 days we tie dyed dresses in preparation for a tie dye event we are planning with Emily’s friend & photographer Libby of [ Salt2Sea ]. There were 2 mini photo shoots this week with previous Mamie Intern, Nikki & Emily’s friend/model Brianna! Lots of people in & out of the studio this week including Emily’s lovely Mom, friend Erin & of course Raleigh, her sweet pup! [ So great meeting all of them! ] Raleigh even got into the Mamie Ruth spirt with a flowered headband... [ he was not amused & wouldn’t cooperate for a photo - sad. ] Anyway, I spent the majority of the week on the sewing machine turning out mad racerback tanks for an order shipping out immediately [ talk about pressure! ] As, Emily put it, I “made serious magic” in 2 days! In addition to all of that, I fixed some oopsie tank tops from the manufacturer & learned how to reinforce pesky woven fabric dresses. We started a group inspiration search for next summer’s collection as well! [ We are coming up with some sick ideas! Everyone keep an eye peeled for what’s to come! ]

Overall, I have had a blast here at Mamie HQ this week! So many exciting things happening & creativity flowing, it’s enough to make your head spin! I am definitely looking forward to the weeks to come with these lovely ladies! I’m still amazed at how at home I feel here. It’s really great to finally be working in such a creative atmosphere and with such an inspiring group of girls. Each morning I can’t wait to get to work to see what new things I’ll be doing & learning! 

xoxo Katie