Working Girl Chit-Chat!

Check out Atlanta based blogger 'That Working Girl' and see what she thinks of Mamie Ruth!

BIG thanks to THAT WORKING GIRL for featuring us on their blog today!

Q: How long ago did Mamie Ruth come to fruition?

A: I started making jewelry when I was 13, and I would sell my pieces to friends and family. When I went to Georgia Southern for college, that’s when I decided that fashion was something that I wanted to do. I began looking for jobs in the fashion industry shortly after college, and continued to sell my jewelry while reaching out to retail stores. After seeing a Fashion Week Emerging Designer competition, that’s when I actually ventured into designing clothes. My first collection, “Patchwork and Posies,” debuted in 2009, and was inspired by the 1970s. My 2014 collection is very similar to my first 2009 line, aesthetic-wise!

Q: What inspires you while designing for Mamie Ruth?

A: I love anything free-spirited; music festivals inspire me – I love anything with a Woodstock feel. The way that I got my label out there is that I would design my own outfits for music festivals. I feel like you can dress louder and weird for music festivals and leave your inhibitions behind. People were asking where I’d gotten my dress or skirt, and it inspired me to stick to that aesthetic, because it makes people feel good. I learned to step outside of the box and have fun with your clothes.

Q: What advice do you have for Working Girls who are thinking about venturing into their own start-up?

A: Don’t give up! That’s the easiest thing to do. It’s so hard going out on your own – there are so many roadblocks, and there’s always going to be something that makes it harder for you to succeed. Believe in yourself and have confidence, because you can do it. What I always thought was, “There are other designers out there like me who have made it, so why can’t I?”

Q: How do you manage your business and also spread your time between work, play and friends?

A: If you talk to anyone in my social circle, you’ll know that I’m very busy! Thankfully I have very supportive and patient friends who realize that I have a lot on my plate. It’s hard to turn off thinking about Mamie Ruth, because it’s what I’m thinking about all the time. I’m lucky, because all of my friends are on my team. For one day each week I try to turn everything off and get back to life – but it’s hard!

Q: What is one piece from your line that you would recommend to other Working Girls to wear in the office?

A: Definitely the signature maxi skirt! It’s made out of bamboo fabric, has an elastic waistband and is super comfortable. There is a slit up the front and it is a flattering fit – it’s young and trendy, but it’s not too much for the workplace.

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