The Glamourous Glennellen {WCW}

Greetings my fellow Earthlings

How is it Wednesday already?! This week is flying by for us. We are getting ready for Shaky Knees Festival this weekend and Hangout Festival the next... Time flies when you're having fun! This week for our #WomanCrushWednesday we want to introduce you to one of our Brand Ambassadors, Glennellen Anderson from Los Angeles, California! This girl is a triple threat with fiery red hair who can sing, act, model, and SO much more.

Check out the interview below & follow her on Instagram @glennellen


Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A: Well I’m a natural redhead and Scorpio, so look out world. I’m a singer-songwriter, actress, dancer and model. Since I was 2 years old, ran up onstage and grabbed the microphone from my parents (who are my favorite musicians), I have never been able to stop singing. I was homeschooled for all 12 years, which allowed me the privilege to travel and pursue my wildest dreams full time. I grew up in theatre, falling more in love with performing day by day.

While my friends were working hard for scholarships, I was constantly auditioning for film, TV and music opportunities. As they began to head off to college, I took years of intense vocal coaching and acting classes. Adults were constantly asking me what my backup plan was in case “the acting and singing thing” didn’t work out. I would just smile, telling them, “I’m a performer for life with no backup plan.” They’d blink, and almost always followed up their first question with, “But what if that doesn’t pan out for you? You’ll need something to bounce back on that guarantees you success.” I would just smile even bigger, assuring them, “I will succeed in doing what I love to do best. This will be my occupation and greatest passion for life.”

Over the years, I have been blessed to book a handful of films, including Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas (which airs on ION Television every holiday season) and Premature (which stars Alan Tudyk and Katie Findlay). I just wrapped filming the new Netflix original series, Stranger Things, which stars Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine. It releases this July, and I’m SO insanely excited about it. I was a contestant on American Idol Season XIV, soaring through to Hollywood until eventually being eliminated in the middle of the week. The day after being released from the show, I met with a record label that would end up distributing my future debut album, PERSPECTIVE, which is now available online at Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and iTunes. In February 2016, I made the giant move out to sunny Los Angeles. Every day, I collaborate with my amazingly talented team (I affectionately call them my #PERSPECTIVEteam), which includes Mamie Ruth photographer, Sierra Sollenberger. I’m an ambitious girl who loves to laugh, make memories, and accomplish her goals.


Q: My guilty pleasure is….

A: Taking an absurd amount of Polaroids and pictures when out with friends. Also, red velvet cake. And red velvet cupcakes, and red velvet cheesecake. Anything. Red velvet anything.

Q: How would you describe your personal style? 

A: One word: eclectic. I am a major thrift and consignment shopper, and live for fashion blogs. I’m someone who loves to get creative with my style, and keep a very open mind to putting together different looks. I’m very open-minded when it comes to my sense of style. One day, I’m a total hipster Tumblr girl, and the next I’m donning something vintage and classy with a red lipstick. I’m always trying new things!

Q: Weird semi-secret talent you have?

I’m actually into cirque-style hula-hooping. No, really. A friend of mine was trained for Cirque du Solei, and she’s taught me several tricks for the past couple years. It’s AWESOME! Such good exercise, and a rad challenge. I’m not anywhere near a pro, but I can jump through the hoop, balance it on my foot in arabesque-style, travel the hoop above my head and down to my knees, etc. Super fun and weird. I love it.


Q: Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

A: Be cohesive when accessorizing your outfits, but don’t be afraid to be bold. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll gather a few pieces and have my mom or a friend look at me and say, “…really? You’re wearing all that together?” Then I’ll go out and sport the look, and it receives a slew of compliments. There’s a fine line between put-together and risk-taking. I like to ride that line.    


Q: Who are your biggest fashion icons?

 A: Oh gosh. Hold on, let me bring out the novel-length list… I’ll name a few of my top favorites that come to mind. They all vary. Taylor Swift is one of them. That girl looks like a million bucks, even on a casual day. Another would definitely be Emma Watson, who mixes vintage with modern. I also obsess over Amanda Steel, Shea Marie, Aspen Mansfield, Melanie Martinez, Cara Delavigne, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, and Emma Roberts.

 Q: Who was your favorite Celebrity crush?

 A: I have two. Xavier Samuel comes first. That man is one of the best, most underrated actors of our generation. I just gaze at him in awestruck wonder. He’s so handsome, it should be illegal. Next, would definitely be Ansel Elgort. Every time that guy talks or laughs, I just melt. He has this sense of humor and love for life that are both contagious. 

Q: Favorite 90’s TV show?

 A: FRIENDS. Hands down. That show is a part of my everyday life, through quotes and scenarios. It never loses its magic, even when re-watching every episode of every season for the millionth time.

Q: What’s the last song you listened to?

A: “Diet Mountain Dew” by Lana Del Rey.


Q: What’s your next fashion MUST have?

A: Wildfox Couture’s entire Rainbow Charm collection. Seriously, I’m obsessed.

Q: Top 3 favorite bands?

A: Panic! At the Disco, Digital Daggers, The Kooks. Trust me, the list goes on and on, but those are the first 3 go-to bands on my playlist. Music is literally oxygen to me.


Q: If you were a pizza, what kind would represent you the best?

A: Supreme. It just has everything on it, which to me says, “Ah, just go for it.” That’s basically my philosophy.

Q: What is your favorite Mamie Ruth clothing article right now?

 A: I’m currently obsessed with my tie-dye bralette. It’s such a comfy, cute thing to wear around LA or to the beach in the summertime with some cut-offs and Keds. I’ll also always be a freak for the graphic tees and tanks.


Q: One person you would love to meet and why?

Emma Watson. That young lady is one of the wisest, classiest women of our time. Her acting is superb. Her poise is exquisite. Her charm is timeless. On top of her talent and immense beauty is this intelligence that is more inspiring than most of today’s well-known icons and celebrities have. We live in a very controversial society, and she is someone who has truly made an impact. She has a strong voice, yet still remains gentle and reserved. It’s captivating. It would be an honor to meet her. I’d kill to just sit over a cup of coffee with her and talk, getting to hear what all goes on inside this brilliant young woman’s mind when off-camera. 

Q: The next place I want to travel is…
A: Paris, France.

Q: Why?

A: It’s a place that has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. The plush vibes, the fashion, the glamour, the romantic atmosphere, the food. Everything. I truly believe that it is a place that is just as exquisite (if not more exquisite) as all the movies, novels and articles portray it to be. I’m just drawn there.

Q: What’s your favorite quote?

A: “She is just some wild thing. Let her laugh, live, love and roam free on her own terms, and she is sure to come back to you.”

 This quote is, without a doubt, a quote I stand by in every way. I relate to it on such a personal level, because in truth, I am a wild free spirit. I never like to feel restricted or controlled in any sort of possessive manner, especially by a loved one or significant other. I never want to hold anyone else back, so I never want to feel that way in return. We as humans should be allowed our freedom, so that we can eventually come to love having something that is stable.


Q: Describe your perfect day?

 A: A productive day is always my favorite. But if I could simply have a day to do anything of my choosing, it would be to throw a backpack and picnic in the back of Volkswagen bus with my friends, and head off to the beach. After feeling the saltwater in my hair and soaking up the sun, a night of dancing would be ideal. It doesn’t even have to be at a big venue. It could just be under the stars with the music playing on a tiny stereo. Just a day of making memories is what I’d consider to be a perfect day. If I can look back on a day where I cannot even count how many times I laughed and smiled, then I know it was one to remember.

Q: What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I hate shoe shopping. That’s right, I said it. I loathe it. It is just a stressful, unpleasant thing to me. The longer I can postpone having to go buy new shoes, the better.

Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: My parents and my brother. They inspire me every single day. Mom and Dad have been supportive of all my hopes, dreams and ambitions from the start. It didn’t matter if I wanted to be a doctor, chef, or musician. They said, “Do it.” They allowed me independence, while also keeping me grounded. They’re the reason I have any remote level head on my shoulders, and they’ve kept me so focused over the years. In the end, it’s up to me to make it happen, and to hone my drive and dedication into my career. But truly, my parents played a massive role in my being as determined of a person that I am today. I will never be able to tell them thank you enough for all that they have done to help me make my dreams my reality.

My brother, Paden, is honestly who I want to be when I grow up. Seriously, the kid is 4 years younger than me and I learn more from him than any other wise grown-up that I know. His honesty is astonishing, and his ability to simply not care what people think or say is amazing. He just doesn’t sweat the small stuff. He never puts up with pettiness, yet somehow remains the most open-minded, patient and loving gentleman. He’s that person that you just can’t not like. Everyone who meets him adores him. All these things, along with his passion for adventure and trying new things, inspire me. I really couldn’t imagine my life without him.