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4th of July Flower Crown: DIY

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Things we love: America, flower crowns, and outdoor parties. This floral crown DIY combines two of those three; sorry you’re on your own for a party...but hopefully this DIY will make up for that.


These flower crowns are the perfect way to combine your love for America with your hippie spirit, so let’s talk about what you’ll need!

We started with some inexpensive flowers from a craft store. Most flower crowns use 4-6 flowers per crown, depending on the flower size. For the ribbon, we used one that had flags printed on it, but you can use any ribbon that is red, white, or blue (if you’re going to stick with the American theme). You’ll also need a hot glue gun, we don’t recommend using other types of glue since they dry much slower.

Once you have your supplies, you’ll need to have everything prepared before you start gluing. To prepare the flowers, cut or pull the flower from the stem, then separate the pieces of the flower. You can scrap the green backing of the flower, but make sure you keep the front center of the flower (it’s typically brown)! To prepare the ribbon, you’ll need about two feet of ribbon.  Make sure you fit the ribbon to your head with enough space to tie it easily; it’s always better to shorten it than to not have enough to tie it! We also recommend slightly burning the ends or cutting them in a “V” to prevent fraying!


After your ribbon is cut and you’ve disassembled your flowers, fold the ribbon in half to find the middle. You can make a slight mark on the center with a marker if you have a hard time spotting it. Once the middle is marked, lay your flowers out above the ribbon so that you can see how it will look. We typically leave about a half-inch to an inch between each flower.

When you have everything laid out the way you like it, you can start gluing each flower down. We typically start by gluing the bottom layer of each flower first, and then going back and gluing on the top layers of each flower once the bottom layer is spaced out and secured.  Make sure you only glue in the center of the flower so that the petals can move around to make it look more natural. Once the flower is glued down, you can glue the plastic center part of the flowers back on to finish the crown!

We can’t wait to wear these crowns while celebrating America’s Independence! Make sure to Instagram a picture of you rocking your creation and tag @MamieRuthxoxo so we can see your fab design! 


-XOXO Devin Custalow

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